Tay Group
Our Real Estate Companies
Astay Real Estate Construction, Investment and Tourism Inc.
Astay was established in 2004 with a vision to produce real estate projects which will improve the quality of life and create values for its stakeholders. The company aims to seize the real estate development opportunities at the right time and turn them into qualified investments. Istanbul Four Seasons Bosphorus and Four Seasons Sultanahmet hotels, and OnaltıDokuz and Academia housing projects demonstrate Astay’s view of real estate investment both as investor and developer.
ASTAY Subsidiaries
Atikpasha Tourism Inc.
The property owner company of our “Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at The Bosphorus” project operating under Astay. Originally named as Atik Paşa Palace, the building was attentively restored by Astay and came into service in June 2008.
Sultanahmet Tourism Inc.
The property owner company of our “Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet” project operating under Astay. Originally built as a prison between the years of 1918-1919, the hotel building has been in service for 21 years in the historical center of Istanbul with 65 guest rooms and suits as a result of Astay’s attentive restoration.
Halikarnas Tourism and Investment Inc.
The property owner company of our “Four Seasons Resort Bodrum” project operating under Astay. Launched with the objective of becoming one of the most important indicators of Astay’s vision to properly conduct right businesses, Bodrum project is planned to welcome its guests in 2019.
Etiler Real Estate, Investment Inc.
The property owner company of our “Private Residences Istanbul at Etiler” project operating under Astay. As part of the renovation process of the 60 - year - old Municipality Site's urbanization, the project will redefine engineering, technology, quality, service, and luxurious life, and offer a unique standard of life to its residents with Astay quality.
Textile and Garments Industry Companies
Tayeks Foreign Trade and Textile Industry Inc.

We commenced our operations in 1977 in the textile industry with fabric trade intended for domestic market. TAYTEKS launched its fabric production line for export in 1987, and commenced ready - to - wear and garment exports in 1989 with TAYEKS.

Taypa Textile Garments Industry and Trade Inc.

TAYPA commenced its operations in 1993 as a foreign trade company based on its experience in ready - to - wear and garment production. Gathered under the roof of TAY Group, head office of these companies is currently located in Beylikdüzü, and serve with denim and non-denim garment production in Silivri Değirmenköy and Bolu, and with Washing R&D Center in Çorlu. TAY Group exports 81% of its production in textile industry with approximately 3.500 employees, 10% of which is white-collar, in 70 thousand indoor area. Total headcount of the company in the textile industry is approximately 6.000 including 2.500 employees based in Egypt. %62 of the employees are women.

Foreign Companies
T&C Garments S.A.E (Egypt)

T&C Garments, the first foreign investment of Tay Group in the garment industry, was established in Al Obour City, Cairo in partnership with Taypa on 40.000 m2 land. The site produces denim and non-denim garments, with a production capacity of 400.000 pieces per month.

The company has 2.500 employees in total, and accounts for 10% of Egypt’s ready - to - wear and garments export in the relevant field.

Majority of the production in Egypt is exported to the US, and the total export amount is $45M.


Having an experience for over 40 years in the textile industry, Tay Group is launching its Algerian initiative with TAYAL SPA after Egypt.

Established with Turkish – Algerian partnership, TAYAL SPA will carry out its project of largest textile production facility of Europe and East Mediterranean basin with the Organized Textile Industrial Zone to be established on 2.5 million m2 in total to be launched in 3 phases in Algeria’s Relizane Province Sdi Khettap industrial district. The first phase will be completed at the end of 2018 and create jobs for 10 thousand people; and within 10 years, the project will eventually create jobs for 25 thousand people.

Yarn production will commence at the end of 2017; and our denim, weaving, knit fabric, and garment facilities will begin production until the end of 2018.

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